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Floral Exchange


Henderson, NV Floral Exchange Program

Welcome to Beautiful Bouquet Florist of Henderson, NV! As a premier florist we are always looking for ways to help provide added value to our customers. We are now introducing our Floral Exchange Program to the Henderson, NV residence. Do you have old containers you do not use? Are they just sitting around collecting dust? What if you could get credit for them?

Our Floral Exchange Program offers credit (you can use immediately or keep it on file for future orders) in exchange for vases. Not only does this benefit you by frequently changing out your vases for a fresh new look, it also helps the environment and promotes the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Bring us your vase (as long as they are not cracked or damage) you are no longer using and we will credit you anywhere from $1.00-$10.00 store credit for each vase. This is dependent on the style and value of the vase. The credit can be used on anything in our store and there are no holiday blackout basically spends like cash in our store.


Floral Exchange Containers



"After 40 some years of marriage, my wife had a whole shelf in our kitchen filled with vases. We tried to sell them at garage sales and such but it just never worked. Finally I found out that this local florist has an exchange program and I was very excited. Since we had so many vases, I was able to get a whole flower arrangement for FREE! It was such a great deal, my wife is already saving up more vases for later." - Robby Garner 

"I have used the vase exchange program twice now and it is really great. Not only does it save me money on arrangements that I buy but I also love how the shop is doing this to be environmentally friendly! You just can't beat saving money and the environment in one place." - Chuck S. Johnson 

"I bring in vases to the shop just about every time me and my family get flowers. I save up my credits for each vase so I can get a family Christmas centerpiece at the end of the year. It is really easy and they keep track of them at the shop so I don't have to remember myself."- Michelle Hernandez