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Health Benifits of Flowers

Health Benefits of Flowers

Flowers can give you the boost you need

While they are certainly beautiful to look at, having flowers around also offers

many health benefits that have been backed by scientific studies.


Most people keep flowers and plants indoors because they are pretty and pleasant to look at, but they may not know they are also creating a healthier environment. Texas A&M AgriLife Extention has led multiple studies that focus on the health benefits of being around plants or flowers and some of these findings are presented below (as if you needed an excuse to buy more flowers).


Health Benefits

  • Happiness-fresh cut flowers are an instant mood booster! They have been found to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing feelings of relaxation and happiness. A beautiful bouquet of blooms might be just what you need to put a smile on your face or the face of your loved one.
  • Accelerates healing-flowers and plants have a soothing effect that can speed up healing times in hospital patients. Simply viewing the beauty of nature can increase recovery rates substantially.
  • Increases concentration and memory-natural environments have a calming effect which helps increase your ability to focus on the task at hand. This results in higher quality performance and greater accuracy. Working near a plant or flowers has also shown to increase memory by 20%. This is a great reason to send flowers to an office or keep a plant at your desk.
  • Improves relationships- people that spend more time around plants and flowers tend to have more compassion for others. This results in stronger bonds and relationships. Sending flowers is also a great way to let your friend know just how much they mean to you.
  • Enhances learning abilities-keeping plants and flowers around when learning new things has shown to help people focus and retain more information. Adding flowers or plants to a room is a great way to generate a positive learning environment for any age.


Whether you are looking to improve your own mood and health or you want to help out a loved one, fresh-cut flowers are a great way to do it. Order an arrangement of fresh flowers from Beautiful Bouquet Florist in Henderson NV.



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